“Positive thinking”

About a month ago, my dad bought us a daily calendar called (translated, of course) “Positive Thoughts Calendar”. Well, that’s the last time i trust the name on anything. As you may know, i could use some positive thoughts in my head, so i tried to find the positive thoughts within the texts. Well, i got disappointed. It’s only been a month, but so far, the best they could do was the following: “a leap of faith should always be practiced intensely”. Some of you may have an irresistable urge to facepalm or even facedesk at that text. I know i did. And trust me, that’s not a good idea when you read those kinds of texts in the bathroom. (For those who don’t understand my point on that line(pretty sure you’re here): how is it a leap of faith if you take the faith out and practice endlessly?)

Considering that was the best line we’ve had so far, you can almost imagine how bad the rest is/was. Today’s text actually was the final drop for me. After that one, i just had to rant about it. I quote: “Every finish line is just the start of a new race”. Now i dare you guys to explain to me how that is a positive thought. I’ve tried thinking maybe because you’ll get 2 trophies, but ending a race doesn’t mean you won it. Maybe because you will always have something to work towards? Well, that only makes me more depressed, as i actually rather finally finish something, see the end of the race. But noooooo, apparently reaching a goal only means another hard-to-reach goal becomes visible. And i’m probably not the only one who wants to stop seeing goals and start seeing some results. For what is a goal if it doesn’t lead to progress.

But, as usual, the worst part is the fact that people actually buy it. I know i tend to overthink stuff easily, but stuff like this is a pretty good buffet for gullible minds. And it doesn’t stop with stuff you have a choice in buying. I’m not sure how it is in other countries, but lately, we’ve started to get more and more tv-commercials that pose as actual scientific tv-shows, or even as the news. Colgate, for instance, has been advertising with a fake tv show called ‘Medi-Facts’. Now i don’t doubt the good work of colgate, but nothing in their commercial is actually medical ór factual. They show images of a tooth getting covered in 3 colors, eventually getting a friggin shiels drawn on it. For a commercial, that’s fine. But if you want to pose as a medical show, at least make it scientifically acceptable.

And they’re not the only ones. Besides colgate being as fraudulous as it gets in the world of advertising, the same thing’s happening to a dishwasher chemical. Finish, in this case, has a “talkshow” about glass corrosion, in which a “glassware salesman” and a “dishwasher salesman” (both definitely terrible foreign actors (i mention foreign, because my country has about 10% ads that are actually from this country, the rest is terribly lip-synced foreign commercials)), who both try to explain that you ‘have to use a product “like this” from the start to protect your glassware from corrosion’. I would actually believe it if the actors weren’t such obvious hipster wannabe-actors who’re actually just nerds with a lucky call. I’m actually willing to bet my book ánd game collection that neither of them has graduated, even though they both look like they should have about 5 years ago.

To be honest, i long for booze commercials. Not because of their ‘honesty’, not for the booze (i don’t even like 95% of the types of liquor that actually advertise), but because of the ambiance. Those commercials make my day, for their lines are catchy, their music is swinging, their feel is… undescribable. Not to mention the storyline they usually have. Pretty strong, or dreamy. And i don’t mind either of those, as long as they don’t lie. Then again, booze ads exaggerate (or however that’s spelled) without lying. They manage to find the fine line that’s called manipulation without actually lying.

I’m sorry for seeming so weak with my rant today, i must admit i hardly have the energy to rant about anything at the moment. No-one tells anyone that ranting is terribly unfulfilling when you feel lonely. Which is actually kind of strange. I always thought loneliness would be a great inspiration for a rant, turns out loneliness leads to mental deprivation, and actually causes a lack of inspiration and energy.

Edit: to the one that last part is about: nevermind. Turns out i really just don’t care right now. Contact me when you feel social enough to nót snap at me without clear reason.


*whistle* *bang* *ohhh*

So, it’s been quite a while since my last rant. And strangely enough, that’s because i haven’t had a lot to rant about lately. Of course things are still sick and twisted, in my opinion, but i’ve learned the debateable skill of blaming myself. And trust me, i’ve had a lot of things to blame myself for, lately.

But, as we all noticed, new years day has arrived. And what moment is better to rant about than the week before it. The moment where people start bringing out their stash of last year’s fireworks and bombard our precious living space with explosions and rockets, just because they don’t have the patience to wait till it’s actually allowed.

This year, we had a primeur. Our rules have changed since this year. For ages, we’ve had a long time for our fireworks. The law stated that the time allowed to light fireworks had been set from 10am to 4am. This was supposedly enough for people to have a long time to celebrate without keeping people who need their sleep from getting that sleep. This, however, proved to be too lenient. Not only did it cause people to lose their sleep, it caused numerous unneccesary injuries due to both illegal fireworks ánd early exploders due to failing visibility caused by daylight. Recently, a study came out that proved that a total of 2 new-years-celebrations cause more eye-related injuries than a year of warfare. Just consider that for a moment. A year of warfare costs an average of 2 people per day to (partially, temporarily or permanently) lose their eyesight, compared to a stunning 350 per new year’s celebration!

Now i’m not saying we should ban (commercial) fireworks, absolutely not, but i do think the people should be educated about specific aspects, like why illegal fireworks are illegal, the safe way to light fireworks (including earplugs, safety goggles, a good lighting fuse), safe distance between rockets and, let’s say, trees. But no such luck. Instead of educating us about the possible dangers of fireworks, our government thought the problems would be solved by setting a different timeframe. This year, as a first, it was only allowed to light fireworks between 6pm and 2am. And let me tell you, it didn’t have any effect.
As expected, the bangs and fizzes started about a week before the actual celebration. To me, it actually felt unsafe to go out on the streets. Then again, i live in a neighbourhood that’s not exactly known for its consideration towards others.

Now i understand the feeling of joy when you see/hear something explode. I share that tweek with a lot of people. But it’s been clear for ages that there’s a set timeframe in which it’s allowed. But does our police force do anything? I don’t think so. Well, unless you count the fact that they help make our letterboxes fireworks-proof. But no extra sweeps for illegally bought fireworks, not even a car chase when people throw lit fireworks at a police car (yes, i’ve seen that happen).

What i understand least of all though, is the fact that people start lighting rockets at 12pm. You know, the rockets that make a pretty bang? The reason why we all walk outside to “watch the fireworks”? There are so many people lighting those in broad daylight, that there’s just not enough left to actually enjoy when the moment comes. Their prettiness will never be shown because the people who paid big bucks for them didn’t have the patience to wait another few hours so they could actually be seen. And therefor, new years has become more of a champagne-fest than anything else. There still are people who understand both the written ánd the unwritten rules of fireworks, but there actually may be no more fireworks in this country next year, because of the people who ruin it for the good ones.

(Please note that my rants usually involve ranting on people. Of course i do know that a considerable part of fireworks-related injuries are caused by failing legal fireworks, but we can’t expect legal fireworks to be 100% reliable. However, we can be sure that illegal fireworks are illegal for a reason. Therefor, i also take in account that people lie about the cause of their fireworks-related injuries)

That voice though

“Your voice is an instrument, and like other instruments, not everyone can successfully play it.”

That is what my old music teacher once told me. And honestly, i agree. And nowadays, it seems like the music industry is trying to forget that. The amount of autotune i hear in modern songs outrages me. To me, it’s like automating a piece of art. Now i guess the first painting ever to be painted by a robot will be worth a huge amount of money, but that will fade eventually, and the whole concept of art with it. And yes, i consider music a form of art. As should everyone.

I remember listening to my favorite artist (he’s dutch, you won’t know him), and telling my dad that the artist can’t sing. I still think so, he had a terrible singing voice, but the feelings that came with his songs were overwhelming. This artist, Ramses Shaffy, was famous for a good reason, but that reason wasn’t a beautiful voice. Like Bob Dylan, it’s the sound behind the voice that matters. You don’t even have to like the voice to appreciate it. They’re both quite often off key, they both have a certain rawness to their voices, stained by life, alcohol and probably drugs, but those factors also made them incredibly successful.

I watched a movie recently. It was about a guy whose dream comes true. After being kicked from the tribute-band he basicly set up, he is scouted and accepted into his favorite rock band. And it got me thinking. Not about dreams coming true, not about being in a band myself, but about why he was chosen. I thought maybe looks, since he looked like his idol. But that couldn’t be all. I thought maybe his devotion, since this wasn’t just his dream, it was his aspiration. But that wasn’t it either. Then finally i thought maybe it was his voice. He didn’t have a beautiful voice, but he had a near-perfect mastery of it. He could successfully play the instrument. And i smiled.

I didn’t just smile because i liked the idea. I smiled because i respect and admire people like him. Or at least, the character he played. Giving up everything to become a legend. And in the end, he turned out to be worthy of the title Legend. I will not spoil the movie (though i can’t remember the name), but the movie was beautiful, and told a wonderful story. Which, by the way, is exactly what performers like Bob Dylan do. They don’t just sing, they tell a story. And that story, to me, is more important than the quality of someone’s voice.

To the complete music industry: stop looking for children that look good and sell good. Save our music and look for people with a story to tell. For those are the people who need to share their story. I would rather listen to 1000 Bob Dylans who are all off key, than to 1 miley cyrus/justin bieber/whatever your new milking cow is. Stop looking for (made) quality, and start looking for what’s behind all that. Because the way things are going right now, music will stop being a form of art very soon.

My big hero

“So who’s your big hero?” A friend of mine asked me that, the other day, and i had no idea what he meant. He added “for music? Who do you aspire to be?”. I thought for a while, found some artists i consider good, but nowhere could i find someone i can call my ‘hero’.
Now i play saxophone. I have for several years, and plan on playing till the day i die. I know i’ll never be famous, but i don’t need that. I’ve been preoccupied with my guitar lately, which is the instrument my buddy asked that question about. And as i changed my thoughts to guitar, instead of saxophone, i could find one name. One single person whose technique i admire enough to actually want to be him, if only for a day: my father.

Now my father isn’t the easiest person for me to get along with. We have an IQ-difference of over 50 (i have 162, he has 110), a completely different look at the world (he is a capitalist, i’m for a completely new society), but most of all, my dad doesn’t understand my choices. I absolutely hate him for all that, but when he grabs his guitar, i enter a completely different world with him. Every feeling can be heard in every note, he sings the usual songs about pain, but when he opens his mouth, i feel the pain. Though it’s not his, he makes me believe it’s his.
But enough about my dad. I’m sure he’ll return in my subjects one day. (Clarification: when i said i absolutely hate him for certain reasons, i absolutely don’t mean i don’t love him. I really do, but he does my head in with 80% of what he says or does)

A few days after the question was asked, i found out something that made me extraordinarily proud. Not of myself, but i was proud of someone i heard playing the saxophone, and though my jealousy was strong, my pride was stronger. After he was done playing, he walked up to me, asked me what saxophone i played on, and baffled me by telling me i had always been his hero. Apparently, when we attended the same highschool, he heard me playing, as he was tuning his guitar. The following sentence is literally translated from what he said: “i dropped my guitar, heard the body crack, but didn’t care. I called my parents and told them i had found my instrument: the tenor saxophone”.

As we had a good conversation, we turned out to have a lot in common, though he had dealt successfully with the things i still struggle with. We had the same ideals, the same unanswered questions, the same way of thinking, but also exterior, we had the same kind of hairdo, the same clothing style. In essence, he was who i could have been, were i not so depressed. We ran to the store for a couple more beers, ran through the rain to drink them, then ran out of time. As we both had to go, i grabbed my stuff and waved at him. He looked me in the eyes, nodded quite formally, then said he respected me, and he would always keep thanking me for being his hero. Afterwards, i felt like he should be my hero, instead of the other way around. He can be successful, where i already stopped hoping.

As i recall and write this, i’m listening to my dad’s hero: Eric Clapton. But the more i listen, the more i think the same counts for them. Though mr. Clapton has a good voice, and a good style, he is nothing compared to my dad. I don’t believe Eric Clapton, where i can’t ignore the truth in my dad’s voice and guitar sounds. If you ever read this, Eric: please meet my dad, jam for a while, and ask him if you can be his apprentice. Your playing is good, but your acting needs some work.

True gaming is dead

Do you remember that very first game you ever played till the end? Most of you probably will. Most of you will just have had a flashback to that specific game. The anger, the inability to understand, the disgust, but on the other hand the sense of achieving the ultimate goal, the thrill, even the weird sense of arousal the moment you finally understand what you have been doing wrong all that time.

To me, that one game would be Commander Keen. To be specific: Commander Keen 4: Aliens ate my babysitter. It started as a demo version, bought for what would now be €0,25, on floppy disk. I remember everything.

At first, i didn’t find too much joy in playing that game. I hated it, because i didn’t know what i was supposed to do. I tried and tried, but couldn’t get past the 3rd level. It took me years to figure out what i was supposed to do, how i had to defeat that one little bugger (no pun intended, but it was the ladybug that killed me over and over again) to finally get any further. And thinking back at that moment, i realise that was the major joy of the game. Of most ‘old-skool’ games: figuring everything out. Sure, it took a lot of time, but that gave me the opportunity to try out other games. xArgon, for instance. Same idea, different layout. I’m talking of the time when cruddy graphics were considered beautiful.

I, for one, still believe this. The best games ever made didn’t rely on graphics quality. Partially because the technology wasn’t thát good yet, but mostly, because they didn’t have to. Nowadays, the gaming industry is focussed mainly on how things look, next-gen gaming advertises about being able to show even more surface particles, to make round edges smoother, while they used to work with sprites. Just a few images to be able to express walking, running, jumping and shooting. And quite frankly, i believe that’s all you need. I don’t need my character to look human, i need to be able to feel his/her story. I need to be able to become them. And though graphics might make it easier to experience the surroundings, it doesn’t bring me any closer to my character.

I know i’m pissing off some so-called hardcore gamers, but i truly believe that most people who call themselves hardcore or pro gamers have no idea how good games used to be. Take WoW, for instance. People who spend their entire day farming for gold and experience call themselves hardcore. But i dare the lot of them to play and finish Diablo 2 (same studio) in all 3 difficulties. Though i have to admit i used a glitch to beat Hell difficulty, i can still honestly say that i did. And the best part of it all? A friend introduced me.

Most games i have played so far have been introduced to me by friends or ex-friends. Some with a brief explanation of the controls, some without. I bought Diablo 2 for about €5,- on sale in a shop that usually doesn’t sell games, and i have to say, that was €5 well spent. I can remember the date i bought the game (februari 13th 2002), and i still play it on a regular basis. I only ever saw the friend play it about 3 times, but i was sold immediately. The graphics are meh, the storyline could be better, but the characters are so good, i can almost feel the heat when my favorite character (sorceress ftw) breathes fire at her foes. I can actually feel a tremble in my feet the moment her summoned meteor hits the ground.
And it’s not just with that character. Feel the power as your necromancer summons poison-throwing skeleton mages, the pride you take in having your paladin boost the party with health regeneration, or the raw force when you turn your barbarian into an all-destructing grizzly bear. I could go on and on.

Diablo 3 didn’t have that feeling anymore. I had been waiting on diablo 3 ever since i first completed Diablo 2 in june 2002, and finally it was there. I bought it (bargain, 46,- on the release date), i started it, and that’s where the initial problems started. You need an authenticator. You need to show that you really are who you say you are. Now i partially understand this, as you can auction items for real money, but why not make that the only place you need that authenticator?
Oh well, i started the game, and was shocked immediately. Some of you might shrug and read on when i say this, but i’m sure some of you will agree that the following is a huge mistake by Blizzard: they changed the color of Mana.

Now i’m not too picky about the games i try, but specific types of games have certain unwritten rules. One of the major unwritten rules of roleplaying games (RPGs) is that mana, the source of your magical powers, is either rainbow-colored or blue. Not purple, not white, not yellow and definitely not orange. I grew up woth blue mana, because i grew up with PC gaming rather than console gaming. (If i’m not mistaken, in the Final Fantasy series, mana (or limit) was rainbow colored once full).

Another rule is that you don’t change the scenery of a game series. You can upgrade it, enhance it even, but you just don’t change it. In this aspect as well, Diablo 3 failed to satisfy. The map, the scenery, even the references to the previous parts, they didn’t make any sense compared to those previous parts. Instead of roaming around, even the first act of Diablo 3 is suddenly filled with narrow paths, staircases that seem too logical to be built in a post-apocalyptic world, it just doesn’t make sense to me the way Diablo 2 did.

But the biggest problem, and to me that mostly is the reason why true gaming is dead: online games.
Do you remember the time you had to have a second controller on your sega dreamcast, snes or even xBox classic to play multiplayer? Well, not anymore. Now you can connect to anyone on the world (depending on what the game thinks would be your best connection) to play. Campaign mode has never been so uninteresting, because you won’t level up! Now i know there have been game-modes like Survival or Zombies in the CoD series, but does that really cover it? Well, i can tell from experience, it doesn’t. And besides that, even those game-modes are more or less based on multiplayer. The only good single player mode there is in that series is Combat Training. But wait, what a shock, you don’t level there either. You already have everything from the very start. No prestige mode, no unlock tokens, no extra classes, just pick your favorite loadout and shoot some bots. Bots who don’t play by the rules, btw.

I guess what i’m trying to say is this: where have all the non-explained single player games gone? And if they’re still here, why don’t we hear from them? I think the last true single-player game i’ve played (besides sleeping dogs, which was the free game with gold last month) was Raptor: Call of the Shadows. Look it up, it’s a great game, hours of fun guaranteed, and made in 1994. So yes, another old-skool game. But why would that matter? I prefer improving myself in an old game over shouting at people who can’t hear me, because the server is of such a quality that everyone keeps killing me while i’m already long gone. There is no lag in offline gaming, and thus less annoyance. But we don’t give it a chance anymore. We want to be ‘social’. We want to rage.

Sexualisation and Indecency (Part 2)

Again, sorry for the later post. Still busy with a lot of stuff in real life.
Also, i believe the previous subject (sexualisation and indecency) needed a few additions.

Have you ever walked around in the streets, see someone who has your fancy, then when you get closer, turns out she’s 12? Or for the women amongst us, looking at young girls while feeling disgusted the instant they actually catch your eye? Some of you probably have, and i can only blame one single thing. No, not our geneticly set pervertions, but our global Social Standard.

Since women’s emancipation, this world has had a lot of good changes. More freedom, both of speach and of choice, more high functions filled by women, it probably won’t be too much longer before the USA will get a female president.

There is just one right, of which i think they should strip from them. Or actually, from every human being: the freedom of clothes. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying we should all run around naked (that would actually be a pretty stupid idea), i’m just saying we should set rules as to what a person can wear.

If i’m not mistaken, around the 70’s, there actually was a Fashion Police, armed with *drumroll* rulers. I’m not sure how long skirts and bathing suits were supposed to be, but when they saw a questionable piece of clothing, they measured to make sure they were/weren’t clothed according to the law, and fined people for it if neccesary.
If we would have such a fashion police nowadays, there wouldn’t be a single (western) country with a state debt. I would even dare to say: the amount of miniskirts is too damn high!

Now i don’t mind seeing a girl in a miniskirt, but i would prefer it that would be limited to people who can actually pull it off. No men, for starters (yes, really), no people with a BMI lower than 21,or higher than 24 (adaptions can be made, depending on how tall the person in question is), no people older than 45 (sincere apologies to some so-called MILFs, but there has to be a line somewhere), and most importantly, NO PEOPLE UNDER 21! Normally, i would say under 18, since that’s the legal age here, but people are starting to look younger every day, and 18 just isn’t acceptable for a miniskirt anymore. Oh, and before i forget it, please only wear one if you’re available.
That would: 1- make our job as men (hunting, it’s in our nature) a lot easier
2- makes it significantly harder to look at unavailable women’s behinds (honestly, i prefer the term ass)
3- give us men less potential injuries/lawsuits because of the boyfriend stepping in
So please, don’t forget that all-important part.

But what really annoys me is that there are parents who actually buy them for their toddlers. I met one of those parents one day, while walking through town, and i couldn’t go without asking the mother why she bought her daughter such an explicitly sexual piece of clothing. This was her reply: “well, she really wanted it, because her whole class has one. It’s in fashion right now, you know”. (Actually said words of this quote might differ, since this is a translation)
You might be able to understand why i had a hard time to resist the urge to punch this woman in the face. Has the thought of ‘it’s just the way it is’ evolved to a stage where we might actually already dress our newborns in undecent clothing?

I apologise for the amount of ranting in this post. This subject has bothered me for the past 10 years, and although i have made my own mistakes, i have a very strict opinion about the act of making love to one another (sorry, sex just doesn’t cover it) and sexuality. I strongly believe a person should not make love to someone, or show that she’s willing to (i add miniskirts/undecent clothing to that list) before the age of at least 16 (depending on the person’s intelligence, the age may be shifted up), and not without any form of secure protection until the moment the two people in question have decided to get a child (here as well, depending on the person’s intelligence, this may mildly be limited). Btw, i do not include people with down-syndrome as low-intelligence people. People with down-syndrome are more intelligent than some of the people i have met in my life so far. Usually, they have a superior creative side.

I thank you for putting up with this, and hope i will see you back in my next post.

Commercialisation and Indecency

First off, sorry for the late update. I have no good reason for it, just have been procrastinating all day.

Today, i would like to rant about the commercialisation of modern society. We can find it everywhere: in music, in movies, even in sports games.

First off, music. There are multiple points about modern day music, that i just can’t approve of. For instance, the amount of nudity in clips. If you compare today’s music videos with those of 30 years ago, it has just changed to softcore porn. Those videos used to be taboo, and for a good reason. Not only did they have a negative effect on a possible message a song would try to provide, but it has also proven to have had a negative effect on the way children grew up. Besides the possibility that this was done to make people more aware of the beauty of a human body, it lowered the bar for a lot of people. Also, what i’m more concerned about, it didn’t raise a single eyebrow. People would just write it off as “that’s modern day society”. But i, for one, don’t want to live in a society like that. But, back to the point.
Since music videos like that came out (and no, i’m not blaming them only), the children of this time have a new standard, which includes sexual actions at ages below 13, a huge sexualisation of our everyday language and actual pregnancies of girls aged 16 years or younger.

What i find disturbing about this change of attitude is that media are actually adjusting to it! In the early ages, young girls were stoned to death if they became pregnant under a certain age. At this day and age, people can get famous for it. Television shows like ’16 and pregnant’, ‘my super sweet 16’ and ‘teen mom’ feature girls under the legal age being spoilt brats. I sometimes long for the day parents are allowed to hit their children again, mostly because i want to do everything i possibly can to make sure my kids will not become like that (sidenote: no, i do not have kids of my own, but since my fiancée really wants them, i’m kinda tied up on that one).
Of course, i would never hurt my children, but i think there’s nothing wrong with a firm tap on the head to make sure they know they’re doing something wrong.

I don’t know why that has changed, maybe fear for prosecution, maybe parents just don’t care anymore, but people do get hurt by their ignorance. My parents tried to raise me the best they could. Be it flawed, they did a wonderful job raising me to become a decent, fairly well-mannered young bloke. However, the kids i used to go to school with did not have a blessed pair of parents like i did. I have been bullied (varying between near meaningless insults to actual physical harm to attempted rape) from age 6 to age 17. I could have helped it in the second half of that period, but i decided at that time that it would be more energy-efficient to just shut off my emotions and let it all come over me (maybe i guessed they would stop being interested in bullying me if i didn’t respond, but i was proven wrong quite quickly).

Besides the shows mentioned above, there has been more proof of declining care for human decency in media. If a man tells a female co-worker she looks beautiful, or even that she’s dressed inappropriate, he faces a lawsuit for sexual harrassment, though the standard nowadays (i speak from experience) is that female secretaries wear their tops low enough to see the bra sticking out from underneath it, if they even wear a bra! Art with nude models can’t be produced anymore without being called out as pornographic, though pornos are getting more violent and more extreme.
The only way the word ‘anal’ was used (approximately 10 years ago!) was for medication that had to be taken that way. In this day and age, if a girl refuses to have sexual intercourse with a boy, he will ask “can we do anal then? Then you will still be a virgin”. That statement, btw, is wrong on so many levels. First of all, a virgin hasn’t had sexual intercourse. Not even a sexual act. The moment you let someone touch your body in any sexual way, you lose your virginity (although medicly, i have to agree, you lose your virginity by breaking the hymen).

Then at last, video games…
Now i’m not a hardcore gamer, i just enjoy playing games. And there too have been changes. Not only would i like to mention the billboards in Duke Nukem, featuring scarcely dressed stripper sprites, but also in games like GTA. I loved GTA 1 and 2. They were viewed from the top, mild violence (graphics quality was worse back then, so not much could be done) and missions that gave you a minor view on how respect works. The newer parts (GTA:SA and above, i believe) are way worse. Not only can you beat people up with 20 different weapons (GTA2 had 7), but also you can pick up hookers, have sex with them (censored, thank the godess) and then run them over and drive away as if nothing happened. If you plan it right, you can take out a complete gang without even getting noticed by the police.
In most RPG games, you can undress the heroine to near-nudity, even though the male characters nearly never have this option. Some RPGs are made purely to make two digital characters have uncensored sex. And even in hardly-mentioned sex games, there has been a change. When i was young, i used to look for these games, and usually found my thrill in either trivia games that gave a pretty reward after 5 questions answered correctly, or virtual strip poker games. Nowadays, i feel lucky if there isn’t a single lolicon game in the page i’m sent to (that subject will be discussed in another post). The worst i have encountered so far had the following goal: Wait for mother at subway station and rape her, pick up older daughter from cheerleading practice and rape her, pick up youngest daughter from horse-riding practice and make one of the horses ride her (the game stated the daughters were 15 and 6 years old).

The worst part? Some young people actually think this is a good thing! Not too long ago, a video popped up on youtube, featuring a 12-year-old girl, with the following message: “that my body hasn’t developed, doesn’t mean i can’t decide for my own. Lower the legal age to 12, since 12-year-olds do have good judgement”. Well, i can tell you all, they do not. Not only has it been scientificly proven that the human brain hasn’t fully developed until the age of (approximately) 24, but also, there are some situational facts, of which this is an example:

I play this online game with chat function on my tablet. I’m having fun (less than i used to, but that’s my own concern), but there are two people on that game who i try to avoid like they were infected with the bubonic plague. Not because they are bad people, but because all they do is whine about their relationship. On itself this isn’t all too bad, but their ages and recent problems have started to change my opinions about them.
About 2 months ago, she (16) came to me to get advise dealing with not knowing if she might be pregnant from him (13). I explained to her at that time, that the possibility exists, since they both have working reproductive organs. Some time went by, she got her period, huge relief, but then she came back. After about a month of inactivity, she suddenly came back to chat, telling everyone who wanted to hear that she might be pregnant.. Again. (This was the moment i nearly dropped my tablet in what i like to call a ‘nevermind-moment’. I just didn’t care anymore. I explained to her what the consequences might be (btw, i believe this it her parents’ job), and yet it happened 2 months in a row (maybe one month in between, my sense of time is quite bad).

Maybe i shouldn’t have posted this article, or maybe i did the right thing by doing it. No matter, i’m sure about one thing: we could do so much better. If we only take a little more energy to make sure our kids know what decency is, and start early with that (the sooner the better), they will grow up with a much better view of the world. They will think with their heads again, instead of with their reproductive organs. They might even be inspired to create a better world for their children.

Democracy and Choice

Democracy: a type of government, which gives the complete society influence over the country.
Made by combining the greek words Demos (the people) and Krateo (rule/reign).

Democracy, isn’t it a beautiful concept? Giving the people a voice in how to run a country. But is it really such a great ideal to live by?
In theory, a total democracy would mean that We The People get to decide everything. This has never been tried before, and quite frankly, i don’t think we ever should.

I live in a country that has something called a Constitutional Monarchy. We have a king, but he doesn’t actually matter all that much. More important is our government, which is democraticly chosen.

Personally, i don’t vote, for two reasons:
1- It doesn’t matter who’s in charge, things will get worse anyway. And the only way to change that is by starting my own party. But that’s where the big problem starts.

To even make yourself electable, you need to pay at least €525,- consisting of a legal notice of the existence of the party, an application at the Council of Commerce and a sum in caution money to the Voting Council.
On itself, this doesn’t seem like a lot, but keep in mind that most people who would want to make a change like that usually are the ones without jobs, without a decent income, the so-called victims of society. So tough luck with that.

2- no matter who i vote for, we will always end up with a group of parties in control. Since every government wants to be at least 50%+1 of the complete parliament, they will always form groups, which means they will make compromises.

A good example of how that works happened a few years ago. A man i will call GW entered the dutch parliament. He came from nowhere, but immediatly made name by being quite extreme about Illegal Aliens in our country (I understand that i would have to call them ex-pats as of a few years ago, but that is just the wrong word). His ideas were good, except for the fact that he wanted to shut our borders for any person who did not have the dutch nationality.
When the elections came, the people had chosen in such a way that the coalition had to ask his party (who owned about 15% of the parliament) to join the coalition. However, he would only do that if major compromises were made. In the end, we did not get our borders shut, and his party did vote with the coalition on most points, but if i’m not mistaken, we gained an airplane we don’t need (the JSF) and a reputation in the world that we allow everyone to be in our government.

But wasn’t that the whole idea of democracy? That everyone can get to the top? Well, yes, it is. But as a society we need to monitor that too. If we really do have the power to change, because we have a voice in our own country, we need to take the responsibility to say yay or nay once in a while.

The biggest contradiction in this whole story is that only 1,5% of this country openly said they voted for GW, even áfter he got in the parliament. But i’m 100% sure that 1,5% of a country’s votes doesn’t give you 15% of the parliament. And if it really were so easy, i should stop writing and start my own party right now.

But i won’t. And you know why? Because it actually doesn’t matter. 99% of the people who live in my country are too dumb to reasonably vote. This includes people of all ages, ethnicies (no idea if that’s the correct word), and social statusses. To be honest, more rich people than poor people. Rich people would want less change. They have it made, this country works for them.

However, the poor people want to see change. They are the ones who have to start from nothing, and notice it doesn’t work for them. And it doesn’t help that people who already have it made keep saying it might be their own fault. But personally, i think there is something, when only rich people can have a voice in a country.

According to the etymologics of the word Democracy, everyone should have a voice. But not everybody gets a chance to make that voice heard. I say invest in the poor people. Because they usually have a better view on how the world works, and should work, than most people who made it.

The Welfare State

Welfare State: 1- a social system in which the government takes care of the well-being of the people in it, or a country enforcing that social system.
2- in a Welfare State, the government guarantees an acceptable minimal welfare possibility.

I live in Holland, or the Netherlands. We are, or rather were, a country that calls itself a Welfare State. Everyone could have the right to a social minimum. This means we can get welfare, if our daily routine doesn’t ensure us to get that socially acceptable minimum.

Now i live in one of the top-5 richest towns in my country, yet i have a debt of over €2.000,-. I don’t have a job, since i don’t have the neccesary qualifications to be accepted anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, i can work, i just never get the chance to prove that.
But to the point. When i found myself unemployed, i didn’t instantly think about getting welfare. I thought about finding another job. This turned out to be the first of many mistakes i made.

Apparently, you only have the right to apply for welfare if no more than one month has passed after losing your job. If you apply for it after that one month of unemployment (which means the state treasury did not have to pay for him/her), you miraculously lose your right to get welfare. (Sidenote: this also counts for different laws that should protect an employee from getting treated unrightfully)

And that wasn’t all. After contacting some people i randomly encountered on a birthday party of a friend of my family, i managed to apply for it. Happy as i could be at that time, i went to speak with the civil servant, who would help me find the right path for me.
Well, let me tell you, all they care about is money. Even the county tried to do everything to get me to cost less.

It started with their plan with me. Because i am under the age of 27 (9 years higher than legal age), they want me back to school. Now i know school means college, which means €1500,- per year, if i’m lucky. Because of my debt, i told the person that going back to school was not an option for me, to which she reacted with the following statement: “then you should apply for an extra scolarship grant”.
I din’t know if there are any dutch people reading this, but if so, they know (or should know) that this means getting a loan. No matter if you do or don’t finish college, at least a big part of that money has to be paid back. Also, that scolarship would be paid by the state treasury, instead of the county treasury. So i assume they want this, because then at least it won’t cost the county anything.

I was outraged, but got a chance to talk with another civil servant, who is in charge of making sure people are ‘teachable’.
I went there, expecting to get assigned someone old and grumpy, since that is my common view of civil servants. But i was surprised. The woman talking to me was nice, polite, interested, and most importantly she didn’t try to communicate with me as if i were 10 years old. I could actually talk with this woman.

It took a while, we took up 1 hour and 20 minutes of the assigned 30 minutes, talking about stuff that should be better, my view on society, her view on society, basicly everything i usually hide from the world. She understood me, and in some places she filled me in on things i needed to know to make some deductions complete. And at the end of the meeting, i believe she actually was sorry to tell me she had to send me back as ‘teachable’.

So i was sent back. I had to follow a course about how to successfully apply for jobs, knowing i would be sent to school in the end anyway. 4 weeks, 4 meetings, and in the end, all i really learned there was the meaning of the term Elevator Pitch.

Now, 2 months later, i still do not have a job, i still have my debt, i still can’t afford to go to school, and i still blame the same vital mitake in society: Papers. You need them for everything. But i don’t need a piece of paper to tell me i can build computers successfully, or make a business more efficient. I can do those things, i just don’t have the papers to prove it.

Hello World!

Hello world.

I am IntoP13c3s, and i would like to share with you what is wrong (in my opinion) with modern day society.
But first, i want to use this post to tell everyone a bit about myself.

I am a regular guy, 22 years old, not too different from the rest of the world. I have long hair, a few habits i’d rather not have, and a very depressing view on the world. However, the longer i study humans and their personalities, the more i come to the conclusion that my view on the world is quite correct.

The above mentioned study (which i made into a life-long study) has taught me, for instance, that everyone i have met and will meet in the remainder of my life, can fairly be considered an idiot, until the opposite has been proven. I personally have been hurt by people enough to never fully trust a human being ever again.

However, i couldn’t have made it this far, if it weren’t for my best friend and fiancée, who both have my (near) complete trust. Yes, that is right, even they don’t have my full trust. It’s in my nature to expect everyone to be able to suddenly change his/her intentions.

But their love and faith in me gave me the strength i needed to go on, and to maybe complete my study about Humanity.

With the posts i make, i will probably make some friends, and more likely make some enemies, since my view on how things could/should be are quite controversial. Things i could imagine better, might seem over-the-top for others. Some people will probably never read beyond some titles (which i find a shame, since i try to state good arguments with my views. So i beg of you, read the article, even if the title sounds bad to you).

I hope you enjoy my posts, and i also hope i can make a difference to some of you.

Also, i welcome a good conversation/argument, but i will not respond to meaningless critics. I have my way of looking at things. If you want a chance to change that, make me believe you are right, instead of just repeating your own opinions.
Also, i respect any choice of religion, but i will make some remarks on multiple religions, at a certain point. Do not try to convert me, and do not try to break my faith. I respect your choice, so please respect mine too.